Open House Event

Open House. Saturday, April 20, 2024

Doors Open at 10:45am. Building a Resilient Body

for Optimal Aging Begins at 11:00am.

Discover Copperfield/Cypress/NW Houston's Premier Active Aging Facility for Women & Men 45+

The truth is that every adult 45+ needs movement.

But there is a lot of noise in the fitness industry. Lots of conflicting information and let's be honest, if you've been out of the game a while or you've never really worked with resistance bands, dumbbells, suspension training devices and other tools found in a gym, well, it can be intimidating and overwhelming.

I know, because in my mid-forties I needed to get healthy and stepping into a big-box gym felt like cliff diving to me.

And that is exactly why I created Evolution Fitness & Wellness back in 2016.

7-years later we are actively training women and men from 36 to 100 years of age. Making their daily lives better so they can do all the things they need, want, and love to do for themselves and their loved ones for years to come.

"Best Decision Ever"

I have been coming to EFW for three years and it's the best decision I ever made. After a few surgeries and some years of inactivity my strength & health had suffered. Knowing that I needed to make some changes in my lifestyle I saw an ad on FB and called. Not only has my strength, mobility and balance improved over the years but I have formed relationships with like minded people and now have a community that I enjoy spending time with outside the gym as well.

Karen Forslund

"Great Customer Care"

Jackie and Jason are top notch trainers and are even better people. They truly care about their clients. During the COVID-19 crisis they offered sessions by Zoom so there was no reason to miss my workouts. They set the bar high as small business owners for great customer care.

Carol Barrios

You're Invited to Come In And See Why We Are The Best Gym for those 45+

If you've given up hobbies like golf, tennis, gardening or riding bike you can benefit from functional training.

If you're recovering from injury, joint replacement or haven't been to a gym in years, you can benefit from training at EFW.

If you want to combat age related diseases such as sarcopenia or osteoporosis or just work on being as strong and flexible as you can be long into life you will benefit from working with the highly trained team of Functional Aging Specialists at EFW.

We can help you just as we've helped hundreds of others in the area.

Join us Saturday, April 20th. Doors open at 10:45am

Enjoy a cup of coffee and learn how you can build a resilient body for optimal aging.

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Evolution Fitness & Wellness

We specialise in fitness and wellness for active aging adults over 45.

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